Our team

Our staff is friendly, qualified, skilled and can provide you with the right advice through our specialties in various areas. All our employees continuously follow courses and attend information evenings to keep our knowledge up to date.

Our expert!

Paul Groeneveld – owner – is from 1982 an avid (and deserving) racing pigeon keeper. He gladly answers all your questions and is our real expert in the field of pigeon racing.

It is my goal to help other pigeon keepers keep their pigeons healthy and to bring them to better performances in their sport/ hobby.

Meet the rest of our team!

Together with Paul, I am the owner of our beautiful pet store. One of our great specialties is of course the pigeon sport. After more than 30 years of being married to a pigeon keeper, I also dare to say that I have learned the pigeon sport. I would be happy to help you with all your questions.
RobinStore and webshop
I recently became very enthusiastic about setting up this webshop. My goal is to help you have a pleasant experience on our site. I regularly fill it with new products, offers and functionalities.
I have been working in the animal sector since 2000. Since 2010 I am working at Discus pet shop Paul Groeneveld. Through my years of experience I can be of excellent service in the store and I can give you appropriate advice in the field of pigeon sport, pets and everything around it.
Since 2010 I work in our pet store. My specialization is dog food, behavior and hair care. Of course, I am also happy to serve pigeon sport enthusiasts.
On Wednesday and Thursday I deliver large orders of food and other items to our customers who live in the region. Do you want me to visit you too? Please contact us contact to discuss the possibilities.
TinekeWebshop administrator
I am enthusiastic about our store expansion to a webshop. I am responsible for creating and maintaining our websites www.discusgroeneveld.nl and www.duivensportgroeneveld.nl

and social media.